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Very cool, it was one of the best things you did. Oila cerso needs a lot of your help my mother and father to pay the rent, they have no money to move to Sao Paulo we live in Sorocaba we want to move to St. Paul in the ta without money need us a lot of your help my name and Leandro I have 20 years to become a country singer artist also very sad without money, to become a singer you can help me thank you for sending this mesagem.bon dimanche good night with God I hope to help me, I really want to realize my dream, help me .. Where I live is very difficult to survive. Aki`s work is only in season. Help me Sunday to cool your biggest dream and renovate my house, my name and Natalia I am 15 years old and sometimes I lose my sleep, because where I sleep, the environment is not and nothing cool, I have a son of 1 year and 8 months, his father died when he was 6 months in life, and today I suffer I live with my brother 5 my mother in only two small comodo a room and a kitchen, help me your sometimes think because of Nois life away They do not help Nois, we live here in Minas Gerais Paraguaçu Avenue Don Bosco N * 901 realize my biggest dream of my life all call me contact 031-358463-5731 or 031-358451-0157 God and just and you will help my brothers Mae and me. Hello Celso Portiolli, my name is Luis, I am from Guaratinguetá, a city in the interior of São Paulo, I watch your program every Sunday I think it`s wonderful when I see how you help someone I see the joy in your eyes and in your smile, so I come to ask for your help, not for me, because I think everything God has given me so far is enough and I run after it so that I can improve every day when you have the health and the will to win in life. or enter the website pictures of Sunday Legal – www.sbt.com.br/domingolegal/quadros/?id=39801 hello celso my name and Lana I wanted you to realize the dream of my subrinho it that a singer Fank from Farvo help him and he serser ser ser sing and make music and his name and Lucas and his name mc lukinha Help from farvo ajente mora soon municipio do pará and he can sing sings ai on Sundays cool mobile number (091)993076825 Sunday is already a bell of “Buy à Bom Levar in©© Melhorâ”, on SBT. The painting, sponsored exclusively by Havan, is© an absolute success in the Domingo legal program and has convinced Brazilians. This Sunday 26, the last episode of the 9th season will be broadcast from 11 am and the public can expect many surprises and atmospheres, including the special participation of the singer Zé Felipe and a value of R$ 100 thousand in rewards.

Celso Portiolli I know you want and a very good people because you help many people and these people who send you this letter to help them, because my father takes work and my two brothers also beg to help them, my family and my sister do not find work. A house to live near Bahia with my Vovo because it has been a long time since my mother has not seen my Vovo for 8 years who does not see and the father`s mother also does not see the father 9 years ago and the finha is very eager for them wants to go there and is long, to kill the desire of Bahia and we have no home and Moranmos rent this very expensive to pay and my vo lived with my mother and my family we personally with your cooperation that you read this letter to help us she is esterando voce celso portiolli voce e very cool with your very arrogant program. Aliete said the 12/09/2014 at 12 ;18 hello celso I would like to have a house but, I have no resources for that, so I need your help my husband does not earn that give to build I am very sad, we live in rent, and there is no more money to help our la please, I want to have contact with Tigo we are poor our parents there is no way to help us, please help me.

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