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I ordered 1 item paid by debit card and ended up with a number of fees that I didn`t make. Tried to call the number they have on the internet, abs has a record that they do not give access to the phone. Very suspicious. If you file a complaint, you will have to pay $5.00. All replies are sent via email and nothing is ever resolved. I had to cancel my debit card. Do not order from wish.com you will regret it. There, the fraudsters do not order as desired. They kept taking money from my visa. I never gave them permission. Wish (wish.com) is an online marketplace for anything you can think of. From hair extensions to selfie lighting to laptops, the inventory seems endless.

I used the website years ago until I got 50% of what I bought because they used so many different addresses to ship things I paid for, all over the country! I decided to try again. They would have had flash sales for different products, and I ordered over 75 different products in one night. The next day, I received a message for each item stating that my order “could not be processed on time” and wanted to know if I wanted to return the “money I wanted” or the money from each item to my account. Well, I`ve spent hours going to each item to get money back in my bank account, but there`s no way to go to each item because once I`m done claiming money for one, it won`t come back to where I was on the list of items I ordered. This is a complete scam! If you check the website, they have an 800 number, but when you call, it actually means they don`t have anyone to talk to!!!!! Stay away from the site as much as possible!!!! You will not receive what you ordered or the money refunded. Please pass this on to others so that they are not deceived like millions of other people!!!! Don`t use wishes, my ex-boyfriend ordered a phone and I also received an email a few days later, I said I wanted a refund, but they said no because they had already shipped it I had to tell my bank to cancel my card and try to get my money back because it was a fraudulent instruction to answer some of the other questions: You almost always arrive by regular mail, unless you choose the expedited option. Then I have never used this option before. Since other people see what you order, they can only see if you post a review of your products. However, your wish lists are visible to everyone unless you go to Settings and edit them privately. And when it comes to taxes and other country fees, it usually tells you in the item description section. I`m in the U.S. and I`ve never had to pay extra.

As for payment methods, they accept credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal. I personally use it PayPal because I think it`s safer, and if I ever need a refund and they don`t comply, it`s covered by PayPal. If you make a purchase on wish.com, use only PayPal. In no case would I use a credit card, you have to work for the desire that you rent them so that our stuff did not arrive at all and immediately reimburse ISNT as your speech as the uninformed Mevits 5-14 days!! I wish the staff had kept their mouths shut!! I have purchased several products in recent years and have not had any major problems. The only problem I had was solved immediately with a desired credit that I used for another product. In my case, they reimbursed me more than the shipping costs for a free product. I bought products from Wish and exactly the same product from Amazon for 3 times the price. Many people who sell products on Amazon first buy their products from desired discount companies or whatever, and then raise the price several times. It`s worth researching. Some sellers charge more for shipping, but less for the product. Start small and buy bigger products slowly, but I generally think my purchases are lighter and easier to ship.

You will usually receive the product sooner. Larger packages are more overturned and suffer more damage. Read Read Read All Descriptions, Shipping, Refunds, etc. etc. I would also like to have a phone number for Wunsch, but I haven`t found one, although they have an office in the United States. I searched out of desire and put some things in a basket that I didn`t order or gave you an OK to send it on. From a very old card, it is illegal. You force it without my OK so you can get my $253.00 or whatever the bank gave me a phone number but can`t pass, you have to do the right thing You didn`t have my OK on my new card Let me know what you can do before everyone else does well what you did My phone number is 2567087046 Here So some additional tips: Don`t always buy the first items you like.

Instead, you can select “Related” and “Product Reviews” at the top. Go to Linked first and by comparing price and shipping costs, you can usually find the exact same item cheaper. And don`t just read the reviews on the main page of the article. Only buy items with good ratings under the “Product Reviews” tab above. And if you want to know something about the seller, about things like delivery times. You can go back to the “Product Reviews” tab and swipe left to find the “Store Reviews” tab. Another tip I learned is that if you have an item that you do not want to put in your cart, remove it and click on your return button, a message will appear stating that if you buy now, they will give you an additional 5% discount, click on the Place Order button (which does not abandon the order, It will simply take you to the page for your information), then use the back button on your device and it will keep that five percent in your cart until you decide to place your order (and contrary to what Wish claims, this particular discount stacks up with your other). Plus, you`ll earn points for every item you buy.

When you sign up, you get free points (100, I believe). For every image and rating of the item you received, good or bad, you get more points, and for each video, you get even more points. Note that videos are limited to less than 30 seconds. Points accumulate quickly, the more points you save, the more your personal discount will be unlocked. With desire, you just have to be patient, read the information, and it can really pay off for you. For example, ask a woman with beautiful long nails how expensive it is to pay for a salon for acrylic or gel nail extensions, or even just refills, or just a biweekly gel blanket. Long explanation shortened. I bought the products from wish for my gel fit at home kit for about $35, including shipping and half the cost and shipping.

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