Tesco Legal Graduate Scheme

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Attract and select top education and college graduates, as well as experienced legal and financial talent, across the company in a way we can be proud of. After 18 months in the graduate programme at Tesco, I am delighted to have been written off as Lead Manager in the same week and to have offered a Store Manager position! Covid has definitely defined its challenges and made it a turbulent race, but I can`t wait to get started and pick up the keys to my own shop! #tesco #management #retail #graduate #graduateprogramme #graduatescheme #businessmanagement #leadership #development #leadershipdevelopment #opportunity #growth #career #learning Learning Journey – You`ll develop your skills for the future through real-world experiences, workshops, and resources, as well as peer support and mentorship. Our on-site training academy makes it easy to enjoy learning sessions – from quick lunches to in-depth classes. Retail graduates have equal access to training, but delivered on-site by one of our experienced learning partners. Booker Group is looking for an experienced commercial paralegal with a 12-month fixed-term contract to support and support the group. The role will be part of our busy team, based primarily from our head office in Wellingborough, but with the ability to work remotely in accordance with business needs. While we are looking for an experienced paralegal, we would consider newly qualified graduates with some level of practical work experience within a legal framework. We offer graduates a competitive salary of £28,000 to £37,000, depending on the programme. You are also entitled to a bonus payment, depending on your own performance and the development of the company. You will receive a prorated 20 days of paid leave plus one personal day. You`ll also have access to exclusive offers and discounts that will save you money on everyday purchases and treats, not to mention a 10% discount at Tesco if you`re here for three months.

And while retirement can still take many years, the Tesco Retirement Savings Plan will be available to you when you join. You can save from 4% and we adjust the amount you pay, up to 7.5%. I joined Tesco in 2019 as part of the Graduate Programme in Store Management and was quickly guided through the organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic (one of the most challenging times in retail). During this process, I have been fortunate to be invested, trained and developed in such a great company, and I am excited to further develop this knowledge as we move to the next stage of my consulting career. I am delighted to join IMPART Ltd (as a consultant), a Leeds-based consultancy and training firm specialising in helping organisations grow their businesses and help clients win tenders. I am looking forward to further developing my skills and have ambitions to start and grow well in the consulting industry. #tesco #Impart #management #retail #graduate #graduateprogramme #graduatescheme #businessmanagement #leadership #consultancy #consultant #businessdevelopment #career #learning This extensive experience will help you think about your future at Tesco beyond your studies, as there is a wide range of job opportunities you can apply for after completing your programme. You need to be well-equipped to excel in a role that aligns with your unique strengths and interests by leveraging the range of skills you develop. I never thought Tesco would give me my own shop after less than a year of career. Especially because it has nothing to do with the Graduate Scheme and the current challenges with the coronavirus.

Running my own shop has been the steepest learning curve I`ve ever experienced, and I want to thank everyone who supported me and also those who gave me this opportunity. Everyone talks about the quality of their team, but the colleagues at Knaresborough Express are really a step higher and I can`t wait to visit a naughty store soon and meet them. #tesco #retail #management #graduate #graduateprogramme #graduatescheme #businessmanagement #leadership #development #leadershipdevelopment #opportunity #growth #career #Learning The first 6 months of the Tesco Grad programme have been an incredible experience. I am delighted to have been written off as Team Manager and look forward to starting my development as a senior/core team after a few days of vacation. #tesco #retail #management #graduateprogram #graduate #graduatescheme #business #businessmanagement #aplacetogeton #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #motivation Alexandra, our business economist – “I worked on a packaging project and worked with our packaging team and suppliers to remove non-recyclable plastic from our mushroom range. It was fantastic to own a project that was high on Tesco`s sustainability agenda. Filming at the store took place before face masks became mandatory. At Tesco, we embrace diversity, individuality and uniqueness. We always want our colleagues to feel they can be themselves at work, and we are committed to making sure they do their best.

We create an inclusive workplace, a place where we can actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues who share the same goal of serving our customers, our communities and the planet better every day, and you will play a unique role. – A lot of legacy Java code still buzzes – Inflexible tech stack in established teams We inspire and help colleagues take care of their overall well-being. Interested candidates can apply via the link below. Discover 2 different functions of the company. Build a network and skills in different fields. Take advantage of externally recognized training and development opportunities. Friendly and welcoming culture. Understanding people – customers, colleagues, communities – and what matters to them, and then trying to make those things better is at the heart of Tesco.

It`s about listening and talking to people using all the tools at our disposal, from Clubcard data to social media, and then taking action by changing and innovating to meet their needs. Be part of an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, individuality and uniqueness. Salary: £37,000 Holiday pay: 20 prorated days plus one personal day You`ll be responsible from day one, so you can gain confidence in your role through hands-on experience. You`ll have access to a variety of workshops and resources, online or through Heart, our on-site training academy, to help you develop skills such as building your network, adaptive thinking and change management, and maintaining your well-being. And don`t worry, you`ll be supported by your supervisor and friend throughout your program. + Beautiful hours, encouraged to have a life + Decent starting salary for non-Big-N + Flexible (3+ WFH days per week) + Very little micromanagement Tesco has also partnered with Timewise and joined the Retail Pioneers programme, which aims to help retailers maximise the benefits of flexibility in the workplace.

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