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Other sports that use a tee are tee ball, American football and rugby – each of these tees is significantly larger than a golf tee. As a verb, tea means “shot of a tee”, and in golf “tee-off” when the game begins. Apart from its Scottish origin, not much is known about the origin of this word. Informally, when you`re knocked out by someone, you`re really angry. She smiles at coffee mugs, T-shirts, postcards and books from around the world. In golf, a tee is the small wooden stand from which you hit a golf ball. The word tee is also more commonly used for the area of a golf course where you start a round. tee (genitive [please specify], partitive [please specify]) Since plural forms are used quite rarely and, with the exception of the nominative, resemble plural forms of tie (“road”), it may be advisable in these cases to replace the word tee with a synonym. “Let`s get in the car at the first tee,” Harold suggested. Th` prisident was the first with an excellent three, while his opponent was almost desperately bunkered in a camera. One of my favorite T-shirts proclaims, “I`m already against the next war.” Borrowed from Swedish te, even Dutch thee, Min Nan 茶 (tê) (amoy dialect), Old Chinese, and proto-Sino-Tibetan *s-la (“leaf, tea”). A “tea” is a small mound of sand or earth on which the ball rests. The children also had a gift for him, a t-shirt with “Baseball Spoken Here” on the front.

Strangely, since the games take place in the land of midnight tee time, there is no golf on the list and has never been. At this point, his arms were so tired from three full shots per hole that he could barely knock the ball off the tee. First attested in the 17th century as a teaz, later reanalyzed in the plural. [1] This etymology is incomplete. You can help Wiktionary by explaining the origins of this term. However, they gathered on the putting green and took a short walk to the next tee. “Tea.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tee. Retrieved 18 October 2022. German tea, finally Min Nan 茶 (tê). An airtight wooden plug is driven into the passage of the tee and the ends are ground low on the sanding wheel. Probably Malay, from Min Nan 茶 (tê) (Amoy dialect).

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