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The Family Law Unit provides legal services to victims/survivors of domestic violence whose custody is challenged in the probate and family courts of Suffolk, Middlesex and Norfolk County. In addition, the unit engages in systemic advocacy before the trial court and the Legislative Assembly to advance the interests of those affected by domestic violence. Interns are exposed to all facets of case processing, including client interviews, legal research and writing, writing briefs, discovery, preparing cases for court hearings and proceedings, and, if certified 3:03, oral argument in court. 3:03 Certified interns have their own workload. Interns may also be involved in obtaining abuse prevention orders (“injunctions”) on behalf of victims/survivors. Other opportunities include the opportunity to participate in the unit`s systemic work to improve access to justice for all victims and survivors of domestic violence. Examples include work on legislative campaigns and reform of judicial practice, continuing legal education and public relations. Health and Disability: Ways to represent individuals with pending disability claims before the Office of Hearings and Appeals, the Office of Disability and Review of the Social Security Administration, as well as represent clients facing denial or termination of health insurance by the Office of Medicaid. Students will interview clients, take files for administrative hearings, and appear at the hearing (in some cases); also represent individuals and certain community groups on health care access issues; identify uninsured individuals facing tax penalties as part of health reform and help them access public health programs; dealing with administrative agencies such as the Office of Medicaid and the Connector, as well as legal research and writing; Work to implement the Affordable Care Act in Massachusetts. Proficiency in foreign languages (especially Spanish) is an advantage. for tax research or other related projects. have 3.0 GPA. Strong leadership, multitasking and organizational skills are required.

Note: Working hours are flexible depending on the school schedule, but require 20+ hours/week. Summer internships are usually full-time. Positions. Black lives matter. The mass incarceration and racially diverse participation of African Americans in the criminal justice system is the new Jim Crow. In general, work is the way to a better life and lift out of poverty, but previous criminal records prevent countless people from getting jobs, housing and other opportunities. We focus on people from communities of colour, particularly in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan, to overcome barriers to housing, employment, licensing, and other opportunities caused by their criminal history. We need law students to do client admissions, draft legal documents, conduct legal research, represent clients in court in sealing cases when 3:03 certified and/or assist in the courtroom to staff CORI help tables in the Roxbury and Dorchester courts. The Immigration Service represents individuals before the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department, the Immigration Court, the Immigration Appeals Board and the First Circuit. We represent a wide range of immigration issues, but we focus on people seeking asylum or protection from domestic violence and unaccompanied minors.

Our law students work closely with clients to prepare refugee claims, self-claims under the Violence Against Women Act, and U-visa applications for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violent crimes. conducting legal research and preparing legal memoranda and court records; and research conditions in the country. Great opportunity to work one-on-one with clients. Language skills (especially Spanish, French and Haitian Creole) and immigration experience or courses are preferred, but not mandatory. We are looking for law students to work at GBLS` Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services Office (CASLS). Students will have the opportunity to address all aspects of case processing, including client interviews, conducting legal and factual research, legal writing, negotiations, and oral advocacy (e.g., representing clients at administrative and/or judicial hearings when warranted). In addition, students have the opportunity to do legal research and other tasks on systemic reform projects. The casework focuses on housing (e.g., evictions, denial or termination of subsidized housing), state and federal benefits, elder poverty issues, and mental health/disability rights issues for adults and children. School-to-Jail Pipeline: This project aims to keep children in school and ensure they receive the trauma-informed treatment and inclusive academic discipline they need, with a particular focus on disrupting inequities in academic discipline for Black and Latino students and students with disabilities.

Student interns may have the opportunity to assist with all levels of client case work: conducting admissions, interviewing clients, reviewing records (academic discipline, special education, medicine, etc.), legal research and writing, participating in school disciplinary hearings and special school meetings, meetings with medical and behavioral health care providers, case development, advice and advocacy. Students may have the opportunity to help work with systemic impacts, such as Boston Area Coalition meetings, administrative advocacy, or research and writing. Fluency in a 2nd language (especially Spanish or Cape Verdean Creole) is an advantage. AOU internships expose law students to civil rights and other legal issues facing Asian immigrant communities, with national implications, and train articling students in various areas of poverty law. Student articling students support and participate in community outreach and education, client interviews (in clients` first language or with an interpreter), legal advocacy, and the development of municipal legal education materials. Interns conduct legal research and texts on a wide range of topics. Interns may also visit community partners to conduct interviews and attend meetings. Cantonese, Mandarin, Khmer or Vietnamese are a plus. Medicare Advocacy Project: Working on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities to facilitate their access to the complex Medicare program.

the development of consumer education materials; factual and legal research and writing; Client meetings, case development, advice and representation; Troubleshoot coverage and recording issues. Latina Know Your Rights Project: A unique project that provides Latinas with coordinated legal representation and community services in part of Middlesex County. Students represent clients in all aspects of family law and immigration matters and work closely with local family violence agencies. This project is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Children`s Disability Project (CDP): CDP represents children with disabilities (under the age of 18) in supplementary benefit disputes (SSI) with the Social Security Administration at all levels of government and in federal courts. The student`s work includes interviewing clients, investigating facts, gathering evidence, conducting legal research, preparing a brief, and preparing cases for administrative hearings. The student has the opportunity to appear at a hearing. Do not hesitate to contact Maria Casas by email at if you have any questions about these internships. You can also visit our website in GBLS` consumer rights department focuses on preventing foreclosures, debt collection, credit discrimination, bankruptcy and other consumer issues.

We have a debt collection lawyer for the day-to-day project where we represent consumers in debt collection cases before the small claims sessions of the Roxbury and Chelsea District Courts. Students certified under Rule 3:03 may represent clients at Registrar hearings. We are also engaged in the individual representation of owners facing foreclosure; Representation of landlords and tenants in foreclosure actions; impact on litigation; legislative and community advocacy; and public relations and consumer education in low-income communities, particularly communities of color. We also work on other consumer issues, including collection abuse, banking practices and consumer fraud. Interns assist with registration, case review, document review, case investigation, legal research and assignment writing, assist in the preparation of briefs and training materials, and participate in legislative and community activities. Speleologist Summer Intern 2023 The intern. Throughout the summer, interns support the company`s mission. researching legal issues and producing documents ranging from internal strategy notes to public comments and portions of motions and briefs. Can also use the file. Resettlement Identity Protection and Counselling Initiative: A diverse experience working with victims of crime who want to distance themselves from the perpetrator. Topics include custody jurisdiction, emergency court orders, Internet harassment, privacy, identity theft and other issues important to these clients.

Responsibilities include legal research, preparing webinars and other training content, and advocating for victims who wish to move.

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