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Below are 51 absurd ridiculous laws to keep in mind on your next trip to Europe. You`d better take it as a fun read than a history lesson! Convoluted laws, bizarre bans, and ridiculous regulations – judging by online reviews, you just can`t get enough of it. They can give us all a decent laugh or offer our hard-working lawyers a little extra pocket money – but dig deeper and they can reveal a lot about culture, politics and history. What exactly happened to make it illegal to own a single guinea pig? Why should legislators prohibit peeing in the ocean? Who thought it was believable to get drunk in a pub? Or, for that matter, to prevent people from locking up burglars, running “violently,” driving dirty cars, or sleeping on a bench. With centuries of legal history and several different legal systems, Europe offers probably the craziest laws of all. Don`t believe us? Judge for yourself! Sweden also calculates traffic fines and other fines based on your income. It`s not stupid at all, it`s perfectly healthy. Currently, in most countries, fines are not for the rich and can hit the poor hard. But in Sweden, it would be an equal punishment for all those who commit the crime. This means that the poor will fare better and the rich will actually be discouraged from committing these crimes.

Even after a divorce, the in-laws are still your family – even if the ink has dried on your divorce papers. While I suspect that most of these crazy laws are more myths than facts, I agree that they say a lot about life in these countries. Do you know of any other strange laws from all over Europe? The European elections are just a few weeks away, so we thought we`d look at some of the dumbest laws passed in the past. For a group of politicians, the EU writes bizarre laws. However, some students have found clever ways around it. A few years ago, young Northern Irish people who left school applied for Irish passports to go to Scottish universities free of charge. Very innovative – bonus points for them for exploiting a stupid system. Budapest has a reputation for being a kind of massive red light district. That may have been the case once, and the laws can be even more accommodating here. But when it comes to lights in Budapest, the rules are serious: sex is only allowed when they are off! They can`t go down and get dirty when the lights are on; Not even at home with your spouse. Maybe they`re just trying to save electricity? I come from the United Kingdom, where there would be eight of these “laws”.

Five of them (#s 4, 15, 19, 20, 38) are pure urban legends. Belgium`s reputation for its strange laws has become a legacy around the world. A number of their strange laws have to do with the advancement of technology. To cite just one, a provision in a 1939 military code states that “beasts of burden (horses, oxen, dogs, etc.)” may be confiscated “for army vehicles.” Always useful when your drone runs out of fuel. Hello from Denmark. It is true that prison breaks are not illegal. However, I really doubt that the rest of the Danish laws cited have ever heard of it. Fun read. When you live in Malta, whether you are local or foreign, you sometimes forget that there are laws. The next time you feel the sudden urge to walk down Republic Street in Valletta, think again.

Because in Malta, it is a crime to walk “violently” in any street or in public spaces, with the risk of hurting others. Given the problem of obesity in Malta, perhaps future changes should make it clear not to run a crime. Britain officially left the European Union at 11pm last night, and on the occasion of the event, looks back at some of the bloc`s most ridiculous rules that have dominated daily life in Britain. From bananas to light bulbs to tampons, the UK will be free from strict guidelines from 1 January 2021, the end of the Brexit transition period. Here are eight examples of EU laws or regulations that the government can abolish at the end of December 2020. Many of these laws actually make sense, given the context. “We are deceiving people in Europe about what is happening here. We obscure your discussions. But we don`t obfuscate strong laws. What I discovered is that Europe has more than its fair share of bizarre laws, even though hopefully many are just urban legends and barely enforced. While it`s true that a couple was arrested a few years ago for wearing noisy shoes on the Italian island of Ischia, it`s hard to believe you can get fined for reciting poems while going down a mountain in Switzerland.

These are some of the strangest laws of all time. They should do it for the United States. Wow, these are really weird laws! Thank you for visiting! You are right about York, my evil. Another cool, we don`t have many trespassing laws, most cover things like farms and private parking.

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