Street Legal Full Hydro

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Complete hydrodirection (hydraulic) is a connection in which no mechanical connection connects the flywheel to the steering joints. The power steering pump pushes fluid through hydraulic hoses in and out of a steering cylinder, which then turns the wheels. The flow of hydraulic fluid is controlled by a steering valve connected to the steering wheel. A fully hydraulic steering system has its advantages, but it can also be extremely dangerous if not properly installed, used or maintained. Even if a fully hydraulic steering system is allowed in your state, strongly believe that vehicles equipped with fully hydraulic steering systems should not be driven on the road as they are not as safe as factory-installed equipment. With these laws in mind, it is entirely possible to design and build a safe all-hydraulic steering system that meets the requirements of all states except Tennessee. While these laws do not specifically prohibit full hydraulic steering, they do not necessarily make it legal. In this context, the risks of a complete hydraulic steering system are mainly fines and lawsuits. Even though only a few states refer to steering systems in their laws, it is important to know that all states require vehicles to be in good working order. The following list is a summary of state laws that relate to a vehicle`s steering systems.

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