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Hello Is there a way to perform all status searches at once? This is the main governing body of a state, usually referred to as the Secretary of State, but may have a different name (e.g., Department of State, Commonwealth, or simply The State of… »). Tip: It`s best to form an LLC in the state where you do business. For most people, this is your original state. For more information, see Best State to Form an LLC. If you want to search for business entities such as LLCs, corporations, LPs, LLPs, etc., all the links you need can be found in the 3rd column below. These links lead directly to the official search page for business units in each State Department. Below are all 50 state search pages for business units and business records, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Starting a business requires the preparation and filing of a certificate of incorporation with the Secretary of State of the state in which you decide to incorporate. Once the company is incorporated, it becomes its own separate legal entity and is subject to the laws applicable to companies in the State of incorporation. Matt – Do you have a guide to forming an LLC in Puerto Rico (instructions similar to most of the step-by-step guides you provide for different states)? CorpNet®is in no way affiliated with the Secretary of State of this or any other governmental and/or governmental agency. CorpNet is a document filing service that works with state and state agencies in all 50 states to help small business owners, business owners, and professionals meet their document filing needs. Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page and for more information please read our Website Terms of Use.

Hello. my name is Thomas and I am from Sweden. In Sweden, I was told to contact the Illinois Secretary of State if I wanted information about companies in the United States. I am interested in Global Capital Recovery LLC 330 S Wells St – Suite 822 Chicago, IL 60606-7100. But their website doesn`t work. I tried www.ilsos.gov/, can you help me? Do you have their email address or phone number? The formation of an LLC requires the filing of memorandum of association with the state in which the LLC will operate. CorpNet can register an LLC in all 50 states to save time and money and ensure their documents are filed correctly. It is usually a subdivision under the authority of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Office, the Commonwealth Office, etc. These business services divisions are responsible for the establishment, alteration, dissolution, and registries of all business entities registered in the state and authorized to carry on business. Hi Irina, thank you very much for your comment and link. However, the link we have in the Business Deposit Search table is still correct (we added a note that a login is required). The link you shared is used to validate a Basic Commercial License (BBL).

However, it may happen that a company exists, but it has not yet applied for BBL. The reason for this is that the BBL first requires a home occupancy permit or a certificate of occupancy. And it takes them a few weeks (or more) to familiarize themselves with the BBL and its requirements. Therefore, the Business Filing Search link (which requires registration) is always the best link to check whether a company is founded/registered in Washington DC or not. Thank you! Wikipedia:State Government U.S. Department of State: The Secretary of State Wikipedia: Secretary of State An LLC offers some of the same benefits as a corporation, but without the cost and complexity of compliance. Business owners looking for personal liability protection, tax flexibility, and management options may find that setting up an LLC is an ideal choice for their business. The Oklahoma Secretary of State provides the following document filing services to domestic and foreign corporations and limited liability companies. Company Name Availability Registered Company Public Search Business Licenses Online Tax Payments Renew Your License Plate Online Physical Address Oklahoma Secretary of State 2300 N.

Lincoln Blvd., Room 101 Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897 Website: www.sos.ok.gov/business/default.aspx. Hi Mark, we currently do not have a guide Puerto Rico LLC. However, it is on our list, so in the near future. In Oklahoma, an annual certificate is due each year on the anniversary for LLCs. C Companies do not require an annual report. The one displayed here will take you to another website where you need to register. Hi Thomas, for some reason, the Illinois Secretary of State is blocking web traffic from most countries. Here are two phone numbers for them: 217-782-6961 and 217-782-6875.

You can also use a proxy site to access their website. Here are two sites you can use: Webproxy USA and Hide me. I hope that helps. Hi Matt, It looks like the DC link should be: eservices.dcra.dc.gov/BBLV/Default.aspx decline in the energy sector is driving down gross revenues Deferred tax filing deadline increases gross revenue Signs of economic resilience and concern Pandemic continues to hit Oklahoma`s economy OPERS Board Approves Coronavirus Distribution Provision for SoonerSave and Pathfinder Plans Abstract Board Accounting Board Accreditation Agency, Archives and Archives Commission of the State Architects` Council.

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