Montgomery County Md Fire Pit Laws

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Call 301-962-1496 Email: For an agricultural burning permit, email the Department of Environmental Protection at or call (240) 777-0311. Include your name, daytime phone number, email address and the purpose of the open burn. You may be subject to an on-site visit by a county compliance officer. Under prolonged or unusual conditions conducive to facilitating the ignition and spread of forest fires, the Director may impose a complete prohibition on any outdoor burning in forests or in areas containing combustible materials capable of transporting the fire into the forest, by the State or in a specified area. Recreational fires: Small recreational fires, such as small campfires or campfires. Burn only natural, dried and aged wood, not exceeding 3 feet in diameter, in a place free of combustible materials and accompanied by an adult with fire extinguishers (water). Under certain circumstances and with the appropriate permit, certain open burns are allowed, including burning of agricultural waste, large campfires for special ceremonial activities and official training of firefighters: open burning is defined as a fire in which material is burned on the ground or in an open container, except an oven, incinerator or other equipment, connected to a chimney or chimney. Campfires are considered open fires. You must create an account with ActiveMontgomery to purchase an authorization. On the website, click Facilities, and then click Nature Center.

Select Campfire Ring from the Setup Class sidebar to refine the results, then click Search. As temperatures drop in the DMV, many want to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the pandemic. Please note that the City of Takoma Park follows all Montgomery County rules regarding open shooting and the use of fireplaces. Please be sure to follow all county guidelines and take precautions when using a fireplace. Always keep pets and children at a safe distance. A staff member will be available to ensure that you can light your fire and that the fire is properly extinguished. Do you have a fire in your garden or terrace? – Stay safe, protect your neighbors and protect the environment! The Maryland Forest Service is responsible for wildfire prevention. The following regulations apply to activities in the forest and within 200 feet of forest or to activities adjacent to or located within an area where flammable materials are found that could ignite and fuel the fire in the forest. This by-law does not apply within the boundaries of incorporated cities or for small recreational fires such as campfires.

Chimineas and outdoor fireplaces: Burn only dry, aged and natural wood. These appliances, which can be purchased from local home and garden retailers, are becoming increasingly popular. They should be equipped with a non-tilting base, screen housing and spark arrestor, and placed at a sufficient distance from neighbouring structures on a non-combustible surface. Of course, they are perfect for small gatherings, roasting s`mores and heat. But did you know that Montgomery County has its own rules and regulations for homes? And now that winter has arrived, some people gather around a fire pit in their backyard. Here`s what the county Department of Licensing Services says you need to know (applies to single-family and two-family homes): In addition to the requirements of this order, a person burning outdoors must meet all other requirements of other state and local jurisdictions. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * To report outdoor air quality violations, use the county`s online form or call 311. Outdoor kitchen and recreational fires near apartment buildings (PDF). • Locust Grove Nature Center 7777 Democracy Boulevard.

Bethesda, 20817. Some recreational burns are allowed under strict conditions. All other open burns without permits are prohibited in Montgomery County and fines of $500 per day can be imposed. Parking is only permitted in the public parking lot located at 1400 Glenallen Avenue. Barrier-free parking spaces are available on our employees` property and on public property. • Brookside Nature Centre 1400 Glenallan Avenue. Wheaton, 20902 • Robert C. McDonell Camping 7701 Tuckerman Lane. Rockville, 20854 A person may only burn outdoors under the following conditions: Nature Programs Black Hill 20926 Lake Ridge Drive | Boyds, Maryland 20841 Use of fireplaces, fire bowls and chimineas in detached and semi-detached homes (PDF).

Cooking fire: Used only for cooking in an outdoor cooking appliance. Do you have yard waste? First, consider home composting, and if you can`t compost, use Montgomery County`s free pickup or drop-off programs. Get all the do`s and don`ts in free combustion, including agricultural incineration permits in Montgomery County. To obtain an open burning permit from the Maryland DNR Forest Service, contact your local forest department. Instructions on how to purchase a permit can be found at the respective nature center below. Refunds will only be granted if the cancellation is made by MNCPPC or Centre Nature. Weather cancellations will be applied to future use. • Maydale Nature Classroom 1638 Maydale Drive. Colesville, 20905 Download the EPD Requirements Data Sheet for Recreational Burning (PDF, 143KB) Thank you for this informative information 🙂 If someone is interested in something similar, check out Besttoolsbrand Green Brush and other fresh or dried plants (except for some agricultural materials) GAITHERSBURG, MD — The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many Montgomery County residents to find creative ways to make contacts in Montgomery County. distance.

Read the full wildfire safety regulations as written in the Code of Maryland regulations. The following items may not be burned in the county at any time: Prescribed burning may be carried out in accordance with the above regulations. A written prescribed incineration plan must be submitted to the Forest Service for approval. See the following links for guidelines and forms: Outdoor Burning Brochure Outdoor Combustion Brochure – Spanish Version Salamanders, torpedo heaters or similar devices: Burn only propane, kerosene or not. 2 Heating oil on construction sites.

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