Branch Post Office Rules in Hindi

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Office copies of the village`s enumeration declarations and annual declarations Invoices for postal publications and items received from stock Registered mail and parcel lists, mail lists and branch receipts How do I open an online postal savings account? Stock market opening: Sensex opened above 58300, Nifty climbed 100 points to near 17400. Read also: Holidays in February 2022: Banks will close for 12 days in February before you go to the branch, make sure that the savings book is necessary to close the account. Swiss Post has issued a circular on this rule and has informed customers. The reason for the introduction of this rule is that customers must submit their savings account when closing their account. To open a postal savings account, follow the steps below: To open a savings account at a post office, you must meet the following eligibility criteria: Parents of minors can open a savings account in their name. Once minors have reached the age of 18, they can apply to transfer the account in the name of their name. In each designated post office, a person can only have one account or a joint account. Rules for branch chaptersABOUT DIFFERENT RULESRegulation page Swiss Post has issued a circular informing customers: “At the time of the closure or early closure of the fixed-term deposit account, the customer must present his savings account. This rule applies to RD, TD, MIS, SCSS, CIP and NSC. If your account is also in the branch, you must submit your savings account before closing the account. The last entry in the savings account is written as a final entry.

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