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The Story of a Soldier – An African-American military officer investigates a murder in a racist situation during World War II. Length: 101 minutes Director: Norman Jewison Stars: Howard E. Rollins Jr., Adolph Caesar, Art Evans Watch the movie: A Soldier`s Story Military court dramas, court martial movies or movies with other military courts and court cases. Includes criminal investigations and hearings, as well as conduct issues. These don`t necessarily have to be the sole purpose of the film. In chronological and non-evaluative order and, as always, work in progress. The husband of a successful lawyer is arrested for murdering 9 villagers in El Salvador as an American soldier under another name in 1988. She defends him before a military court and investigates. Framed? Unfortunately, there are very few good resources for those interested in lawyers` movies. That`s why we decided to compile a list of the best lawyers` films in chronological order, dating back to the 1930s. Not only will you come across courtroom classics of all time, but you`ll also discover a huge number of legal movies you`ve never heard of before! Hart`s War (2002) stars Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard. A film martial set in a prisoner of war camp during World War II in Germany, starring Bruce Willis as a senior U.S. Army officer and Colin Farrell, a lawyer and lieutenant tasked with defending a black officer accused of murder.

Superficially, the film is more about the actions of Bruce Willis` character and the concepts of duty, bravery and justice than pure military justice. Read Roger Ebert`s review (3 out of 4 stars). McDeere finds himself in a traffic jam when the FBI contacts him to gather evidence about his colleagues` actions. As a result, he must decide whether he should do his best in the eyes of the law and make the decision that keeps him alive. Counsel and spokesman for attorney Warren Williams Perry Mason series. Nothing from the first 50 years of movies? Two major genres combined: military/war film and forensic drama. Check out a list of the 10 best military test movies of all time. Some of the films on the list cross the line between prison and prisoners of war, but they are all essentially military in court.

Once the list was identified, the films were ranked in order of the story they tell, the acting and the overall realism of the plot. These films could be divided into several subgroups, such as: Post-war prisoner films, including Time Limit (1957), active military trials such as The Caine Mutiny (1954), Paths of Glory (1957) and Breaker Morant (1980). Other types are films that deal with the persecution of enemy combatants in films such as The Nuremberg Judgment (1961). 1984: A Soldier`s Story Directed by Canadian Norman Jewison and starring Howard Rollins, Adolph Caesar, Robert Townsend and in one of his first roles Denzel Washington. Although the film is a military-criminal investigation, I recorded it here (and under “Courts Martial Movies, Even If It`s Not Really a Court Martial Movie”). Set in a military barracks in Arkansas during World War II, the film tells the story of a black sergeant (played by Adolph Caesar) who was killed off base one night and the black captain (Howard Rollins) has been tasked with investigating. Read the original New York Times review here. William Freidkin, of French Connection and exorcist, directs the film with a screenplay by Senator Jim Webb, a Vietnam Navy veteran, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and Guy Pearce. Dale Dye, a Marine Corps veteran and Hollywood military adviser, emerges as a two-star Marine general. We have a close and realistic story of Marine Colonel Childress, played by Jackson, who is forced to make a decision while he is in an emergency situation where he kills civilians in front of the embassy in Yemen. The drama is high and the performances are strong, especially those of Guy Pearce, who made a name for himself in American films in the late 90s and early 2000s (see LA Confidential).

We see several battlefield situations and conflicts in the courtroom that will captivate the audience. Pun intended, heh heh heh. Today`s article is totally fun – and I hope you`ll have as much fun with it as I created it. Below are the 25 best lawyer movies of all time (in my opinion), with excerpts from some of the best scenes. Have I forgotten anything? If so, let me know in the comments. This political drama takes place in the late 1940s after World War II and follows the Nazis tried by an American court in Germany. In the film, directed by Stanley Kramer, these individuals face a military court and face charges of crimes against humanity. The classic of the movie and the game in search of a strong military judicial drama. The film is a collection of the greatest acting talents of his time with high-level performances at all levels, directed by Jack Nicholson as Colonel Jessup, the Marine poster that faces the battles of our nation without a little hesitation. Almost every scene is memorable and well written, thanks to rob Reiner`s staging and Aaron Sorkin`s writing. There are also so many memorable lines of Dialgoue throughout the film.

Gambini, played by Joe Pesci, does his best to defend his cousin and his cousin`s boyfriend, but makes a series of missteps along the way. Gambini`s fiancée, Mona Lisa, played by Marisa Tomei, plays a key role in helping him defend himself. The kiss in front of the mirror – When a renowned doctor kills his unfaithful wife, he is defended by his best friend, a lawyer, who suspects that his own wife might be having an affair. Length: 69 minutes Director: James Whale Stars: Nancy Carroll, Frank Morgan, Paul Lukas Watch the movie: The Kiss in front of the mirror In a shocking turn of events, Christine decides to appear in court and testify against him.

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