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With Statista reporting that more than 28.8 million people are connected to Instagram in the UK alone (as of July 2021), the legal world is learning that the platform can work to its advantage. Companies realize that this allows them to reach millennials, bloggers share their legal studies with the world, and some of the narrowest closed doors of historic legal places open through the platform. We take a look at some of the most important legal Instagram accounts you can follow. Norton Rose Fulbright continues to approach its Instagram feed with eye-catching photo posts taken by their own employees. With photos taken around the world from iconic images such as London Bridge and the Empire State Building, the company`s report includes beautiful photographs from all over the world. Norton Rose Fulbright has over 3,300 followers and constant engagement in all posts. They share their brand`s hashtag, #lawaroundtheworld, in their Instagram bio, which becomes a live link that leads to a page that includes all posts with the same hashtag. We see employees taking the company`s hashtag and sharing it on their personal accounts to introduce the community in the workplace. One of the most active Instagram accounts in the UK Law School with regular West Country posts. The best content will be insightful and interesting, which is why it`s important to avoid constant self-promotion. Articles and legislative news on topics relevant to your customers will keep them coming back to your page.

You can also share community trends, holiday safety tips, and more. Not only is this account one of the most aesthetically pleasing legal Instagram accounts, but it`s also a great place to get information about intellectual property rights. Their examples of copyright infringement are always up-to-date and thought-provoking. One of the most productive – and honest – Instagram accounts of the growing number of commercial law firms. Instagram for law firms can be rewarding but challenging if you`re just starting out – get inspired by these five accounts or contact us if you`d like to discuss improving your social media strategy. When lawyers learn about the mobile photo-sharing network, we bring you the best legal accounts Law student quotes are full of inspiring memes and quotes that other accounts post on this list, but they also nurture a sense of community by actively encouraging interaction and discussion on issues affecting law students. As it is accessible to students from all over the world, there may be international differences in some subjects, but their most recent ones are based on the difficulties of getting an education contract, an apprenticeship or a professional role is something that everyone can identify with. Eve Cornwell, the vlogger dubbed the “Queen of Legal YouTube” by Legal Cheek, is perhaps best known for her 374,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel for law students, but her Instagram account is also a fabulous glimpse into her daily life. Whether it`s studying with us, details about her new podcast or her general life in London, she shares it all. While you`re here if you`re looking to grow your personal or professional brand, we`ve created a Youtube channel that delves into some of the best branding and marketing campaigns in the world. It`s “Gruen” meets “How I Built This” and is designed to give you unforgettable advice and strategies based on what works for the world`s biggest brands and influencers. Watch one of the videos below and subscribe if you like it! A glimpse into the life of St.

John`s family lawyer Albans, Lauren Riley (who was with The Apprentice) – she seems to spend a lot of time at the gym. Not only that, it`s regularly hilarious and the team has a penchant for Simpsons memes! A post shared by O`Melveny (@omelvenymyers) on Dec 19, 2018 at 2:18pm PST This offending law firm in Florida publishes client reviews in a way that looks authentic through short but meaningful quotes. This can be a powerful way to showcase your strengths, regardless of the area of law you specialize in. It`s not organized, but it`s real and we love it that way. With 66,000 subscribers, they`re the smallest site to make the list, but they have great content that uses non-traditional meme formats. Definitely worth following if you`re looking for more legal meme sites. Meet Stephanie Fung, a @UVALaw graduate and one-year employee in our Silicon Valley office! • Stephanie spent the summer with us last year and is happy to be back in the Bay Area where she enjoys enjoying the outdoors, especially hiking and surfing. After the bar exam, she married in Florida before spending her honeymoon in Belize and Banff, Alberta, where her husband took this photo.

• Stephanie joins our litigation practice and looks forward to exploring various industry groups such as aviation, colleges and universities, and emerging technologies. • We look forward to welcoming you back to #OMelvenySV, Stephanie! #OMMSpotlight A photo posted by David Rowntree (@davidrowntree) on February 20, 2015 at 13:04 PST These sites are all brand, telling the story of the company and offering a great overview of their service – all critical things if you want a great Insta account and want to nail your marketing. A few of them are our customers, of whom we also wanted to tell the world more!! Sure, it`s cheeky, but we`re proud of how they look! Not all of them are “lawyers` sites.” Let`s face it, for inspiration to dominate on Insta, you want to look beyond the law. Here are our 13 pages that you can not miss in all their splendor! The first impression is everything. The look and feel of your Instagram business account should immediately attract your customers and followers. Ok, we may be biased because Janelle is a friend, but if you`re looking for someone to share the journey, there`s no better one than Girlbosslawyer! I see all these great coffees (and where you can try them!). Instagram is a growing social media platform that, if used correctly, could help your law firm grow. These 5 law firms have well-developed presences on Instagram and share stories that showcase their culture and corporate values in an authentic way. For more information on Instagram strategy, check out our blog post: How to Create Your Law Firm`s Instagram Content Plan. Ok, it`s a scam, but we`re pretty excited about our rebranding. O`Melveny & Meyers` Instagram page caters to millennials using Stories highlights and reporting on their corporate social responsibility. Their stories showcase their summer affiliate program, culminating in every location in their six large offices: employees exploring their city, attending conferences, even a trip to Disneyland.

O`Melveny & Myers use the hashtags #cOMMitment2cOMMunity and #OMMgivesback in their posts that show their employees giving back to the community. Some examples include employees and their families who participate in Coastal Cleanup Day and donate backpacks filled with supplies to a children`s non-profit organization in the Bay Area. Think of a hashtag as a keyword search. For example, #DallasLawyer or #DivorceAttorney. While you don`t want to go too far, a few hashtags at the end of each post can increase your chances of gaining new followers. People on Instagram use hashtags – more than most other social media networks. A post shared by The May Firm (@mayfirm) on April 1, 2019 at 2:53 pm PDT The May Firm is a personal injury law firm that leans towards inspiring posts that show empathy and assignability. With 153,000 subscribers, it`s a site that seems to have the trial lawyer in mind. They don`t post as often as other sites, but get good engagement when they post. Instagram is more than just a photo stream.

The introduction of stories and live videos has opened up endless possibilities. Thank you, Jew. It is a pleasure to know that you have had a great experience with our company. #fivestarreview #happyclient #lawyerreview #clientsstory. #FranklKominsky #FKLegal #injurylawyers #personalinjuryattorney #lawyer #lawyers #attorney #lawfirm #personalinjury #personalinjurylawyer #WestPalmBeach #needalawyer #slipandfal #westpalmbeachlawyer #accident #injurylawyer #injured #carcrashlawyer #carcrash #attorney #bikingcrash #carwreck #collison #carwrecklawyer #settlement #attorneyhelp We are pleased to announce that 77 lawyers have been promoted to our partnership.

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