Beaufort County 4 Legal Residence Application

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Ahora puede verificar el estado de su solicitud de residencia legal. Available para solicitudes recibidas a partir del 1 de junio de 2021. Para verificar el estado, vaya aquí: ver exenciones Mortgage companies will start asking for balances in the near future and invoices will be sent at the end of October. The sooner a client`s application is submitted to the appraiser`s office, the more likely it is that your exemption will appear on your tax bill in a timely manner. For applications submitted before June 1, 2021, please contact our office at 843-255-2400. Agricultural property means all land used for the rearing, harvesting or storage of arable crops, for feeding, rearing or managing livestock or for the production of plants, trees, poultry or animals of use to man, including the preparation of products reared there for human consumption which are disposed of by marketing or otherwise. It includes, but is not limited to, properties used for agriculture, pasture, horticulture, forestry, dairy farming and mariculture. In the event that at least 50% of the property is considered “agricultural property”, the entire land will be classified as such, unless another business intending to make a profit is operated. The term “agricultural property” does not include real estate used as the residence of the owner or other persons, as the taxation of such real estate is expressly provided for in Articles 2 (C) and (E) of Law 208. If you submitted your application on or after June 1, 2021, you can check the status here: See exceptions For more information on completing the application for legal residency, please watch our short instruction video Note: For online submission of the application for legal residency, you should have a way to upload the documents required in the application. If you do not have the option to upload your documents, please use the PDF request on our forms page.

To apply online, please click here: Application for Legal Residence. Our Vision Statement: Our vision is that the Beaufort County Appraiser`s Office will be one of the most respected utility offices in the state of South Carolina by providing exemplary public service, achieving fairness and justice, while educating the public about taxation. For more information and assistance with the legal residency exemption, please contact the Beaufort County Assessor`s Office. Please note the following points required to qualify the special assessment ratio (4%), both of which are required by you and your spouse.• Copy of your vehicle or vehicle registration in South Carolina • Copy of your South Carolina driver`s license or ID card • Copy of the most recent homeowner`s tax return in South Carolina* • Copy of your escrow agreement if the property is held in a trust • If the MILITARY provides: 1. Copy of PCS orders and military/spouse ID 2. Copy of the current vacation and profit and loss (LES) account 3. Military personnel AND their spouses must present the driver`s licence(s), vehicle registration or voter registration, regardless of where they hold a licence or are registered. POWER OF ATTORNEY AND REPRESENTATIVE DECLARATION *** The owner`s signature must be notarized.

But if you`re like most of us, you`ll want to take advantage of every tax refund possible. The biggest discount option is the legal residency exemption. Whether you are new to Beaufort County or have received this exemption in the past, it is not automatically granted and must be requested from the Beaufort County Assessor`s Office. If you do not have a South Carolina tax return, or if it is a partial-year tax return for non-South Carolina residents, you may be approved for the one-year exemption and will need to reapply the following year. EXEMPTION EVALUABLE AT THE POINT OF SALE Printable forms and their descriptions are provided below in .pdf format. If you have any questions, please call the office at (843) 255-2400 Fax (843) 255-9404 BUILDER/DEVELOPER AFFIDAVIT FOR SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE EXEMPTION Customers who have purchased a home in the past two years should be aware that even if they have received the exemption, they may be eligible for the former owner exemption. Please make sure you have applied. Farm real estate that is actually used for such purposes and that meets certain size or income restrictions, with the exception of a corporation that owns or leases it, with the exception of certain corporations that do not: South Carolina law allows multiple property tax exemptions and rebates. Find out if you qualify and how you can claim them. If you want to pay more taxes, don`t read on. If you don`t get the exemption, now is the time to apply. REQUEST FOR SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FROM THE OWNERS` ASSOCIATION Please note the additional requirements listed.

If you received the exemption in the past year, you will need to reapply if. ONLINE APPEAL AGAINST PROPERTY VALUATION/APPRAISAL This form is provided to contradict the estimated value of your property. Please note the filing date requirements. Wooded land must have an area of at least five hectares. Forest areas must be actively devoted to the cultivation of trees for commercial use. Forest areas of less than five hectares may be eligible for agricultural classification if one of the following conditions is met. Note: Rollback tax estimates must be calculated for three (3) years. Start with the year the property was divided and go back two (2) years. Our Mission Statement: The Beaufort County Appraiser`s Office is dedicated to accurately identifying, registering, assessing and classifying all taxable properties in order to achieve the fairness and equity required by law. To apply online for a real estate complaint, please click here: Real Estate Appraisal Claim/Appraisal ONLINE APPLICATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM LEGAL RESIDENCE (4%) Please note the additional registration requirements.

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