Aves Exoticas Legalizadas

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Some specialists agree that pet birds can be considered preventive drugs. The attention and affection they give and receive promotes improved health and can even prolong life. Many studies show that when a pet is petted, blood pressure drops, in addition to releasing substances that relax the body, birds are an excellent anti-stress option. Some other advantages are: Você will go to find various legalized birds na Nanini Aves. Porém as aves não está sempre disponível para venda. Você podem se inscrever para nossa lista de conta para ser informado quando as aves vão esta disponível para venda. Para obter mais informações, visit naniniaves.com. Nós da Nanini Aves somos referência mundial em alimentação de aves e fizemos um post sobre quais frutas você pode dar para sua ave, se quiser ver esse post clique aqui We are committed to ecology, we understand the importance that the conservation of species, the care and attention that our birds receive must be pursued, which acquire one of our specimens, your children will learn to care, respect and love animals, we are not a bird merchant, we are PRECURSORS OF HARMONY. Buying one of our birds brings benefits to your family and contributes to the conservation of endangered species. Do not promote anything that you are looking for the cheapest bird and do not care about the health of the animal, there are different types of breeders and in most cases in Brazil, the food provided by these breeders is not good quality food and if the feed is not good, the health of the bird will not be either, Stay tuned and always look for breeders who provide good food for your birds.

#naniniaves #aves #passaros #papagaio #ringneck #cacatua First lesson. Say no to small jabs. Exotic birds need a lot of space to move freely in their cages, the bigger the better. But they can develop anxiety and stress disorders that harm their health. You just have to notify the Ayuntamiento that you have an Agaporni, if you have it, before the law has been accepted, it will stay with you. In your case, you bought it in a store, so there is a greater chance that it will stay with you. They will simply ask you to register and get a passport. Un saludo Es importante estar al pendiente de los tips y consejos de nuestro equipo de veterinarios, tu puedes recibir via email las notifiaciones y consejos. Search sempre criadouros que sejam transparentes, tenham redes social, sites e showrem todo seu trabalho, além de claro, terem CNPJ para que você possa fazer a busca desse estabelecimento e saber se esta tudo certo. Good night. Today I received a message about the entry into force of the new law that you also could not have Agapornis, because your ban had been in place since 2019, unless they were purchased with documents and a health registry.

That`s right? And if we didn`t know it, we bought it in a store and no one told us anything about it? Could there be a solution or the article I saw is not true? Thanks in advance pet birds are an excellent therapy for humans, studies have shown the great benefits of a pet of this species. Can I have an exotic bird at home? If you have ever wondered, know that in Spain there is a very strict legislation to control the possession of exotic animals. So, you could say you can have it. But not all and always with a very exhaustive control. Is the exotic bird you want one of those we have proposed? If so, you need to consider something else now. And while some of them are easier to maintain, that doesn`t mean they don`t need special care. Remember that diet is fundamental to your bird, and we at Nanini Aves have an image that we are only talking about feeding birds. Y es que no cabe duda que el mejor hábitat para los pájaros exotics es el suyo propio. La legislación española trata la tenencia de especies exoticas como mascotas en diferentes reglamentos. NOTE: Always contact the breeding site and not third parties. We firmly believe that we are making the world a better place, by changing the way we treat animals, our breeder is now a reference in Brazil and in the world.

The documentation is super important and cannot be ignored, each bird must have a beak and also be in italics. Guarda mi nombre, correo electrónico y web en ce navigateur for his next comment. To transport this bird, you will need a transport permit, a health certificate, an animal transport guide and a certificate of origin. A bird needs attention, care and care throughout your life, so it is very important that you are ready to take care of your new pet, because it does not bring anything that you buy a bird and leave this bird only in the cage and do not interact with it, the process of interaction with the bird is important, if you want to have a healthy and happy bird. I have one that was given to me, and I did not receive any paper or document and I want to travel with it, why I do not want to leave them alone in Spain Remember, you can have an exotic bird at home, but as long as it is a species that the law allows. I am not a juggernaut. But not everything is a good jab. You should know that if you choose an exotic bird as a pet, you will also need to leave it aside for at least a few hours a day. And close the doors and windows before opening it! We also made a video on our YouTube channel explaining the 5 dicas para você comprar uma ave legalized, vale a pena assistir. And you`ll say, “But if you said you can`t have exotic birds at home!” No, so far we have really talked about the legislation that regulates property in Spain.

But just because the legislation is so strict doesn`t mean you can`t have an exotic bird at home. What this means is that you can`t have any type of exotic bird at home. Do you want to know some of the ones you can have at home?.

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