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Over the years, many legal and financial experts have made their ideas and resources available to our humanitarian cause because they believe in our neutral, independent, impartial and confidential approach. FA`s website and electronic announcement services will receive your official statement to more investors. The FA website is regularly visited by underwriters and banks looking for issues to bid on. We invite you to visit the FA website under to see what we offer for the marketing of themes: our law firm, founded in 1998, has experienced sustainable growth since its inception. It offers a wide range of legal and tax services, particularly for individuals and foreign investors coming to Monaco. ADP rewards advisors who use our robust retirement solutions with exclusive services and support to manage and serve your clients. When you choose our audited investment levels, you can add fiduciary investment services that help you and your client manage the fiduciary risk associated with investment selection. With both services, Mesirow Financial acts as a registered investment advisor and provides your plan with legal protection and defense against certain lawsuits brought by third parties related to ERISA regarding the selection and monitoring of investment options. Over the years, our law firm has demonstrated its ability to meet the needs of clients with intellectual rigor and professionalism, as it is particularly well established in Monaco and has in-depth knowledge of its legal, regulatory and administrative environment. Throughout our history, we have had the privilege of working with an extensive network of legal and financial experts who share our values. ADP provides fiduciary services through Mesirow Financial.3 These services can help advisors manage the fiduciary risks associated with the selection and monitoring of investments under Articles 3 (21) and 3 (38) of ERISA.4 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), founded in 1863 by visionary philanthropist Henry Dunant in Geneva as an association under Swiss law, could not have become the leading humanitarian organization it is today without active financial and financial support. Lawyers.

Our open architecture option, the definition of flexibility, provides access to more than 13,000 non-exclusive investment options from 160 leading investment managers. Review, compare, evaluate and engage your clients in reviewing the right investment options. Please make your transfer to the appropriate account: Tom Hood, Executive Vice President of Growth and Business DevelopmentAICPA Would you like to expand your expertise in retirement planning and human capital management when acquiring CE loans? Be invaluable to customers with ADP Accelerate. FA`s accounting department can help you every step of the way. They are ready to work with you on the following points: We were founded more than 20 years ago and have gained experience in processing complex international transactions. The founders have continuously engaged with foreign individuals and companies that have settled in Monaco. To ensure that the intuitu personae between us and our clients remain strong, we intentionally remain a niche team of experts mixing nationalities and generations. The stature of our company has given birth to the ethics that have shaped our professional approach. Donations from Europe are tax deductible thanks to our membership in Transnational Giving Europe. Details on this initiative can be found under

In the United States, tax deductions are made possible through our partnership with aid foundation america charities. For more information, see This approach provides guidance on how to select investment options from a wide menu of pre-reviewed investment options. ADP is here to help by offering flexible retirement solutions with resources and support tools to simplify decision-making and build customer loyalty. Whether your clients use ADP for payroll or another provider, ADP SMARTSync® and ADP Connect can help you ease retirement management tasks. With true 360° integration and secure file transfer, your customers benefit from increased flexibility and less work, saving them time and money. In highly competitive markets, pension plans play an important role in attracting and retaining top talent. Your clients turn to you for help in assessing, selecting and setting up a retirement plan for their business.

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