Arkansas Pro Bono Legal Services

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If you can`t afford to pay for legal assistance at full price, you should consider hiring a lawyer to provide “unbundled services,” also known as “à la carte legal services.” Lawyers who offer this type of service usually charge a reduced fee. In return, you agree that they only handle part of your case and that you will be responsible for the rest of your case. If you`re looking for a lawyer in your area, the Arkansas Bar Association can help. The Arkansas Bar Association is a group that lawyers join to network with other lawyers and improve their legal skills. They have a directory of lawyers from the Arkansas area. Click the button below to use the Find-A-Lawyer service. Contact for other options for their own pre-legal program. Internships are listed on the career page. If there are none, the positions are filled and you should check again later. To apply for legal aid, click on the button below or call 1.888.540.2941. Our pro bono attorneys can help you with any non-criminal issues you have in Arkansas. These include issues relating to divorce, custody, visits, debts, bankruptcy, unemployment benefits, eviction, discrimination in housing, etc.

In 2005, the Arkansas Supreme Court amended Arkansas` Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 to include an ambitious goal of 50 hours of pro bono service per year. The new rule clarified the types of cases and customers that are considered pro bono support. The rule also states that in addition to providing pro bono services, lawyers must make annual donations to the state`s legal service providers. “I urge all Arkansans to remain vigilant as they begin the cleanup process and exercise caution when approached with unsolicited home repair offers,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. “Scams are common after extreme weather and in these already challenging times, fraud can place an additional burden on Arkansans if services are not completed as promised.” The need for pro bono legal services has never been greater. As Arkansas` poor population grows, so does the need to represent their interests. About 17.2 percent of Arkansas citizens live at or below the poverty line, compared to 11.8 percent nationally. In the delta region, 25% of the population lives in poverty. Meanwhile, federal funding for legal services programs has continued to decline, while the state of Arkansas does not provide funding for civil legal services. Combined with the large and growing population of residents in need, this lack of resources creates a perfect storm of injustice.

Private lawyers can help solve these problems through pro bono work. For a pro bono lawyer to answer your question, you need to earn a low or middle income and not have enough savings to hire a lawyer. You can quickly find out if you qualify by applying here. It only takes a few minutes to apply. Arkansas` civil legal assistance provider, the Center for Arkansas Legal Services and Legal Aid of Arkansas, accepts most customers through a toll-free nationwide hotline. You can also apply online. When you call or apply online, you will be selected to ensure that you are financially eligible for assistance. When the legal aid program handles your case, the services you receive may include: Many pro bono cases may be outside the area of expertise of a private lawyer. The partnership offers a wealth of resources to help you develop your skills in new areas. You may feel a sense of confidence and competence when using the many forms, pleadings and automated documents we offer.

If you are eligible for free legal answers, you can ask three questions per year. However, if your questions are related, you should post all parts of your question together. This will ensure that the pro bono lawyer who helps you is aware of all parties to your legal problem. For example, if you divorce, a lawyer who provides unbundled legal services might agree to draft the divorce lawsuit and advise you on what to say at the hearing, but you would be responsible for filing the complaint, appearing before the judge, and dealing with the other parts of your case. You and a lawyer who provides unbundled services can agree that the lawyer will more or less deal with your case.

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