Are You Legally Entitled to Work in the Uk and Can You Provide Proof When Required

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For example, individuals who have a valid leave under a work visa are only allowed to perform the type of work authorized in their visa category for the period granted under the visa. You are eligible to work in the UK if you are a UK citizen, someone with BRITISH resident status, such as ILR or EU settlement status, or if you have a valid immigration status that allows you to perform the work in question, such as a skilled worker visa. Each application you submit to us will be evaluated based on criteria based on the knowledge, skills and experience required for the respective position. You will not be treated worse than another applicant because of their national origin. However, any job offer we make to you depends on your permission to work in the UK. According to the law, you can only work for us if you can prove that this permission has been granted. Be sure to let your employer know when you`ve applied so they know when to contact the home office. You can show them a letter or email with the date you applied. With the exception of a few positions, you don`t need to be a U.S.

citizen to work at the Embassy. When you submit your application, you must have the current legal right to work in the UK. After the initial pre-employment review, you do not need to do any further checks on that person`s right to work because your organization has an ongoing legal excuse for the duration of the person`s employment with you. Please do not apply if you do not currently have the legal right to work in the UK, or if this right is about to expire or if this right has imposed restrictions that would prevent you from entering into an employment contract with the Embassy. It is apparent from the documents in List B that the holder was allowed to enter or reside temporarily in the United Kingdom for a limited period of time and that he restricted his right to work. It is also acceptable for SMSUE applicants to rely on an “application certificate” issued from 1. July 2021, as well as a positive opinion from the Employers` Verification Service as proof of the right to work. If a review of the right to work confirms that the EU worker`s right to work in the UK is limited in time, a follow-up check should be carried out before the expiry date.

This could be the case, for example, if they only have pre-settlement status under the EU billing system or if they have obtained a limited residence permit under the points system. If your employer fired or withdrew the job offer because of something related to your right to work, they may have discriminated against you. Employers typically receive the following documents when they perform manual right-to-work checks to prove their eligibility to work in the UK. These should be in their original form. It is important to ensure that all documents provided match the appropriate list. If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, Switzerland or one of the following countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), you currently have the right to work in the United Kingdom. Employers can now use the online verification service as the only method to verify an employee`s permission to work when the person has the following: you must prove your right to work in the UK if you want to start working. You can check your Application Registration Card (CRA) with the Ministry of the Interior – if it says “Authorized Work”, it means that you are allowed to work. Penalties for employing illegal workers and for failing to properly verify eligibility to work in the UK can be severe, including a significant fine for any worker illegally employed by our organisation.

If it is determined that you were employing someone you know was not allowed to work in the UK or that you had reason to believe that was not the case, you can be sent to prison for five years and forced to pay an unlimited fine. The consequences of employing illegal workers are serious and costly. The avoidance of controls and sanctions by the Ministry of the Interior justifies the efforts and investments to ensure the continued compliance with your immigration and the prevention of illegal work obligations. You must prove your right to work online. Check how to get a stock code to prove your right to work on GOV.UK. Alternatively, the worker may have received a letter from the Ministry of the Interior or immigration authorities stating that he has been granted permission to stay in the country indefinitely. This, in turn, should be accompanied by a document indicating the number and name of british social security. If you demonstrated your right to work before July 1, 2021, your employer should not ask you to prove it again.

Your employer should only ask you to prove your right to work again if they ask all of their employees to do so.

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