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Overall, most states are very lenient when it comes to owning a Taser stun gun. In almost all states, it is perfectly legal to possess one as a civilian for self-defence purposes. Some specifications prohibit use outside the home or prohibit you from directing them to a specific peace officer or other staff member. Obviously, these are not intended for situations other than personal defense, and there may be criminal charges related to individuals who violate one of these drug gun laws. * Various cities and towns in California may have regulations regarding Stun Guns and TASER ECDs, including but not limited to: Brea, Carlsbad, Eureka, Hemet, Irvine, La Miranda, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Pismo Beach, San Bernardino, San Francisco County, SanFrancisco, San Jose, Scotts Valley, Villa Park, San Luis Obispo, Oakland, and West Covina. Please check with the local government for regulations. Can I travel with it? It depends on where you go and how. According to the Transportation Security Administration, stun guns and self-defense sprays are allowed in checked baggage with restrictions and prohibited in carry-on baggage. For more information, please visit the TSA website or contact your airline, they should be able to help you. Cal Penal § 17230. Definition of stun gun As used in this Part, “stun gun” means any item, other than a less lethal weapon, that is used or intended to be used as an offensive or defensive weapon capable of temporarily immobilizing a person by causing an electric charge. Fla.

Stat. § 790.06. A licence to carry hidden weapons or firearms (1) The Ministry of Agriculture and Consumer Services is authorized to issue licences to carry hidden weapons or hidden firearms to persons qualified in accordance with this section. Each of these licences must include a colour photo of the licensee. For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or electronic device, tear gas gun, knife or ballie, but the term does not include a machine gun within the meaning of section 790.001 (9). 12. No licence issued under this section shall permit a person to carry a weapon or firearm concealed in a place of harassment within the meaning of section s. Any person who intentionally violates a provision of this subsection commits second-degree conduct punishable under §§ 775.082 or § 775.083. If you have any further questions about the laws and restrictions relating to electric shock weapons, please contact us.

We will endeavor to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly. In Michigan, it is necessary to have a hidden pistol license, although to obtain a CPL, the class does not cover any training or law regarding Tasers or stun guns. And to get your CPL, you need to use a firearm; In fact, you have to shoot with a gun. Cal. Criminal Law § 626.10.

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