Are Slat Traps Legal in Mississippi

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Lamellar baskets must be placed at least one hundred (100) meters from each other and must not be used with pipes, nets or guidance devices. Each lamellar basket must be permanently labelled with a permanent label attached to the front end of the basket. Crayfish traps are usually pillow or pyramid style or are nets of life. Lobster traps are all devices made of plastic coated wire or mesh with throat or chimney openings not exceeding two inches in diameter and are used exclusively for the purpose of removing crayfish. Slatted basket permit (for each basket and in addition to the freshwater business permit and slat basket labels) All gillnets, trammel nets, tire nets, slat baskets, commercial trotting lines, lobster traps and shrimp traps must be labelled with a tag that identifies the owner of the device by their unique MDWFP number (#) on the owner`s licence (located above the date of birth of the permit holder). A valid tag is waterproof and includes a waterproof marking or engraving of the fisherman`s MDWFP number in legible numbers at least 1/4 inch high. A valid tag can be either a tag provided by the fisherman or a tag previously sold by MDWFP in which the owner has their MDWFP number engraved on the label. All tags sold by MDWFP before June 25, 2012 are no longer valid because they do not have the MDWFP number of fishermen on the same day. However, these tags can be reversed and are valid when burned or marked with the device owner`s MDWFP number. The MDWFP number is a number unique to each customer of the MDWFP licensing system. 1. It is illegal to catch or kill wild fish by any means other than hook and line with one or more hooks or using a trotting or troll line. Diving or nets can be used when landing a fish caught by hooks and lines, trotting or troll lines.

Shad and elk can only be taken as bait by locals with the help of a diving net or net, casting nets, boat shovels and metal baskets for personal use in sport fishing. However, in private ponds or rental pits or overflow ponds that dry up in the summer and are cut off from regular streams, dive nets can be used to catch or rescue wild fish. It is illegal to kill or catch fish of any kind, at any time or anywhere, in mud or by the use of lime, poison, dynamite, Indian berries, weeds and nuts, giant powder, gunpowder or other explosives, and no raw non-wild fish may be caught using nets, calves or traps for personal use without a commercial fishing licence. It is illegal to install commercial freshwater fishing equipment in such a way that it extends more than half the width of a watercourse, canal, runoff or other body of water, and when commercially available fishing gear is placed in the waters, each gear must be placed at least one hundred (100) metres apart. The Commission shall be empowered to fix the minimum mesh size regulated by the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks Commission for use in barrel nets, circular nets and seines intended for use in the internal waters of that State. This power conferred on the Commission is not extended to the regulation of mesh sizes intended for use in marine waters. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section or any other Section, any person in Mississippi who fishes with barrel nets, tire nets or calves in a body of water situated on the common border between Mississippi and another State may use in such nets a mesh size equal to the mesh size permitted in the other State, the other State authorising mesh size in such nets; which is smaller than the otherwise permissible mesh. in Mississippi. Residents under the age of sixteen (16) are exempt from obtaining a hunting or fishing licence.

Individuals who are exempted based on these criteria can obtain a voluntary Youth Exempt license by presenting their Social Security number as well as a copy of their parent/guardian`s driver`s license to establish their residency. The youth licence can be purchased from any vendor who sells hunting and fishing licences. Fish traps, including lamellar and metal traps, cannot belong to the waters of the Missouri River or adjacent shorelines. However, live bait traps are allowed. You must affix a label made of durable material with your full name and address or conservation number on live bait traps, trotting lines, throwing lines, limb lines, bench lines, jug lines and live boxes. Persons holding a valid commercial freshwater fishing licence are allowed to fish for gillnets, trammel nets, tyre nets, trotting lines, slat baskets (with slat basket licence), crayfish traps and shrimp traps, and/or to sell raw non-wild fish, moose and non-native fish from the fresh waters of the Mississippi. Further information can be found in the Commercial Fishing brochure or in A commercial fishing licence, a lamellar basket licence or a fur trader`s licence can be purchased at, at 1-800-5GO HUNT (546-4868) or wherever the licences are sold. Anyone using a lamellar basket in Mississippi waters must have a valid lamellar basket permit for each slatted basket.

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