Are Digital Books on Ebay Legal

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Hi Andrew, Thank you for the detailed information about selling eBooks, you have taken notes and you will follow them to the letter. I think is a great company that can be used for software production and shipping. These digitally delivered goods cannot be sold on eBay: You can use the following categories to report eBooks that are in the wrong category or use item specifications with the wrong format: This may be a breeze, but your digital files should not contain spam, malware, spyware or cookies that can be used for malicious purposes such as invasion of privacy. Honestly, if that`s your intention when selling eBooks, I`m not interested in helping you anyway. Here is eBay`s official page about it, which clearly states how you can sell digital products: I downloaded MMR eBooks to sell on eBay, I`m wasting my time Although the policy states that it must be a clasified format, the majority of people who sell e-books list them as a regular list in the “Other Books” subcategory. E-books have significant advantages. They have less overhead than physical books and do not require shipping. This sounds like a mature business for an aspiring entrepreneur, but I wanted to know how convenient selling eBooks on eBay really is. You may be wondering the same thing.

The rules may seem numerous and restrictive, but they collapse quite easily. You have three options: sell and send the eBook as a physical medium, use the Classifieds section, or be verified. If you choose to get verified, you agree to their legal terms, clearly state the pornography, do not deceive people and confirm your identity. Although detailed, these checklist items are not inappropriate. It`s frustrating as hell to look for legitimate and REAL books and keep searching through this digital waste. Some books can be sold in PDF format. Some authors sell their copyrights to a company, which then sells the rights to sell electronic copies. I don`t know how you would check which books can be legally sold in PDF format. On (US website), you can sell eBooks AND deliver them digitally as long as you follow these rules: would they only see the offer and then be redirected to a download link or a place to buy outside of eBay? I have been on eBay since 2000 under different accounts. I collect books – and at the moment the focus is on cookbooks.

WHY are all manifestly illegal copies (“Ebook” “PDF”, “Digital Copy” etc.) of books allowed here? There`s no way you can tell me that with 8`s reviews, a seller from Morocco is legally selling an “e-book” copy of America`s Test Kitchen`s 2019 annual cookbook. Under no circumstances is this legal. This is just one example among many. eBay isn`t the only website where you can buy an eBook with a resale right. On the contrary, it might be useful to buy them elsewhere so as not to compete on eBay with other people selling the same book. Many e-book websites include a subsection of books that have rights so you can choose which ones you think you can sell. I just bought a really cool 1899? Booklet of the makers of the ancient magestic Stoves called Magestic Stove Cook Book, it is not dated, but there is a similar book, without any information on the preservation of government food, from the same year, so I`m pretty sure it`s dated nearby. It`s like going back in time, not so much for recipes, but for the insight into everyday life at the time and useful tips on how to calculate how much grain fits in the car, it`s a good time to read. It has all the models of stoves and how to set them up with sanitary facilities and how to cook them with recipes. I know people who still have those old stoves would love it.

I want to scan it as a PDF and sell copies at a reasonable price on ebay, not to make that much money, but to share it with the world. That led me to this page. Any useful tips on how to get started and what to watch out for would be greatly appreciated. PT The first option may seem a bit outdated, but it`s an easy way not to break the rules. Download the eBook files to a flash drive or CD, then mail the item to the buyer. If you choose this method, you will need to include the following sentence in your entry: “I will send this eBook by mail. Sending by email or other digital delivery method is not allowed and violates eBay`s policies. 2. You also mentioned that we can approach sellers on eBay in the US and ask them if we can buy from them and then sell on Ebay in the UK.

What is the best way to search for these sellers? For example, are you looking for “information products”? I am like you, I want the author or musician to receive his legitimate income; I fell as if I was supporting the artist. So I don`t buy eBooks or music on ebay. I`m not sure what exactly you`re looking for, but if you`ve searched for an “America`s Test Kitchen” cookbook in paperback or hardcover, try this search as a starting point, and then refine further for specific books or editions: selling them in bulk seems suspicious. If you feel uncomfortable, you should inform ebay. I looked at several lists of one author`s paperbacks. Today, a set of e-books has appeared. Is it “allowed” to sell e-books? Is that legitimate? Where exactly do they get a bunch of a few dozen books? Great feedback, including stating that the seller helped the buyer understand how to get the books on their Kindle. That`s where I am now, I don`t know how the download process works and I ask the seller for help.

When I search for new books, I see deals for $2. The normal price of these books is $15 to $20 for Kindle, paperback or hardcover.

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