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Due to legal requirements, a consistent set of routine data is available for all hospitals in Germany. This mainly includes diagnoses, coded according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, the 10th Revision, the German Amendment (ICD-10-GM) and procedures coded according to the German Process Classification (PAHO). Analyses of the adequacy of routine data for AED reporting have been conducted in the United States and England (7, 8). The authors examined the relevance of this routine data from German hospitals for federal health reports as well as for the planning and evaluation of measures to avoid EDA. [The exclusion of persons chosen by an elected official “to be part of the personal staff of that public servant, or of a commissioner at the political decision-making level, or of an immediate adviser in relation to the exercise of the constitutional or legal powers of the office,” remains in paragraph 11(f).] However, the Civil Rights Act of 1991 now provides for special procedures for persons who feel discriminated against on the basis of age and other forms of discrimination prohibited by the laws applied by the EEOC. See section 321 of the Civil Rights Act of 1991.] The provisions of this Chapter shall be applied in accordance with the powers, remedies and procedures provided for in sections 211 (b), 216 (with the exception of paragraphs (a) and 217 of this Title (sections 11 (b), 16 (with the exception of paragraphs (a) and 17 of the Fair Labour Standards Act, 1938, as amended) and paragraph (c) of this Section. Any act prohibited under section 623 of this Title [Section 4] shall be considered a prohibited act under section 215 of this Title [section 15 of the Fair Labour Standards Act 1938, as amended]. Amounts due to a person as a result of a breach of this Chapter shall be considered to be unpaid minimum wages or unpaid overtime pay within the meaning of sections 216 and 217 of this Title [sections 16 and 17 of the Fair Labour Standards Act 1938, as amended]: provided that lump sum damages are payable only in the event of an intentional breach of this Chapter. In all actions brought for the purpose of enforcing this Chapter, the court shall have jurisdiction to grant the appropriate legal or equitable remedy to achieve the objectives of this Chapter, including, but not limited to, judgments requiring employment, reinstatement or promotion, or affirmation of liability for amounts deemed minimum wages or wages unpaid under this Section. Overtime pay applies. Before taking action under this Section, the Equal Opportunities at Work Commission shall endeavour to eliminate alleged discriminatory practices and to voluntarily comply with the requirements of this Chapter through informal methods of conciliation, conference and persuasion.

(f) “worker” means a person employed by an employer, except that the term “employee” does not include a person elected to public office in a State or a political subdivision of a State by the qualified voters of a State, or a person elected by a civil servant such as the personal staff of that official; or a person appointed at the policy level or a direct advisor with respect to the exercise of constitutional or legal powers. of the office. The exception set out in the preceding sentence does not apply to employees who are subject to the public service laws of a state government, government agency or political subdivision. The term “employee” includes any person who is a citizen of the United States who is employed by an employer at a workplace in a foreign country. Reliable knowledge of the nature, cause and location of an EDA is necessary to develop and apply appropriate preventive measures. Given that severe EDA in outpatient drug treatment leads by definition to hospitalization and severe EDA is to be expected even more in the hospital itself – due to the fact that patients often have multiple comorbidities and intensified drug treatment – examining hospital outcomes for signs of EDA seems to be an obvious step forward. 1. Any aggrieved party may bring a civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction for the purposes of this Chapter, provided that a person`s right to bring such an action ceases to exist with the bringing of an action by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to enforce the employee`s right under this Chapter. (a) “Person” means one or more persons, partnerships, associations, professional organizations, companies, commercial trusts, legal representatives or organized groups of persons.

Any injured party may bring a civil action in any competent federal district court for a legal or equitable remedy that achieves the objectives of this Chapter. (iii) the values described in both subparagraphs (i) and (ii); are deducted from the severance pay paid due to the potential non-age event.

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