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Cloud-based case management software available through your web browser. Spitfire can be used from your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Spitfire provides public sector legal services with an efficient way to manage their cases from anywhere in the world. Since then, we`ve been busy integrating their products, teams, and customers into the Access Group family, migrating the website to as part of this journey. Spitfire has a modern and aesthetically pleasing dashboard with a navigation panel, messaging and calendar integration, and all the other features you`d expect. The appearance of the dashboard emphasizes an innovative and forward-looking experience for users. As more and more tech-savvy lawyers and practitioners have entered the industry in recent years, this can only be a positive driver to attract talent in a competitive landscape. From this dashboard, you`ll have access to many features and capabilities, some of which include: DPS Software Ltd gavin wilson Phone: 07984647351 Email: software gives ambitious businesses the freedom to reach their potential. Spitfire is a completely web-based solution, so it can be accessed through a web browser on any device. Unlike other systems that require you to go through Citrix or terminal servers, Spitfire allows you to access the system with just a few clicks, which already saves you a lot of time. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is the light of paper that is a necessity, not a kindness. You simply can`t work together on a file if you rely on paper. That`s all, pure and simple.

If you work from home, it probably means you don`t have access to a paper file, if you do, do you follow all the security and GDPR? DPS has a comprehensive H/S time tracking system that allows you to select activities and work types as well as default attendance notes. Clio is a web-based practice management software for individual practitioners and small law firms to learn more. It is designed to replace several different systems (such as document management, case management, and accounting software) to streamline the amount of technology that small businesses need to manage. Spitfire is easily accessible from your Windows or Apple Mac computer, as well as from your mobile devices with an Internet connection. Your case management software and digital dictation are both included in DPS Spitfire, while our legal accounting software DPS Financial Director is based on the same database, so all your systems work together seamlessly. DPS Software was acquired by Access Group in June 2020 and forms the technological foundation of Access Legal. Access Legal is a suite of software solutions that empower users to take control of time to achieve better customer outcomes through an unparalleled suite of legal software solutions – from the cloud. The CMS is fully integrated with the Financial Director legal accounting software. This means that fee recipients are able to send chits electronically for payment to accounts and get a complete financial overview of their cases. Financial Director is fully compliant with SRA and BAT standards, making life easier for your account team.

Manual and time-consuming tasks are done in just a few clicks and jobs that can take 2 weeks now take less than 2 minutes. MyCase offers web-based practice management software for lawyers in solo law firms and small law firms. MyCase aims to provide a secure all-in-one solution for managing legal practices to reduce the burden of high caseloads, miscommunication with clients and practice management procedures. That. Access Legal has over 30 years of experience in the market. And in all of this, you`ll be supported by DPS` customer service, technical support, and engineering teams to ensure your business continues to operate in all situations. At our recent Virtual Summit on Access to All Zones, we hosted a live demonstration of the new version of Access Legal Spitfire. Watch the on-demand session to see how the latest practice management software gives ambitious companies the freedom to realize their potential. Spitfire and DPS Mobile`s case management features enable your employees to work efficiently and productively, managing their cases from anywhere and on any device they use.

Our flexible workflows allow you to work more efficiently from the start and design workflows that fit your business. Innovative and revolutionary technology incorporates features to help your business stay compliant, improve efficiency, and provide the flexibility to operate safely anytime, anywhere. Whether it`s linking records, creating factual document packages and general ledger card reviews, communicating with clients, invoicing electronically, and complying, Spitfire allows you to run your practice more efficiently and make data-driven decisions that drive your firm forward with real-time business performance data.

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