5 Laws in North Korea

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Another calendar in North Korea| Photo: Uritours The health of the North Korean leader is not the only problem that is heavily guarded in this isolated country. North Korea is a totalitarian regime that follows rules that are different from those of the rest of the world. The nation keeps many secrets and has many unusual laws that will make you thank the universe in which you do not live there. Some of them are below: you may be wondering why North Koreans, faced with such terrible laws, do not flee. And they can`t. Every North Korean citizen is not allowed to leave the country, and anyone who crosses the border without official documents is shot dead by guards. The harshest punishment is for those who try to escape or hide from Kim`s totalitarian regime, and it is almost certainly always death. According to Robert Collins of the Human Rights Committee in North Korea, the specific hierarchy of authority in North Korea is Kim Jong-un`s personal words or guidelines, followed by the Ten Principles for Establishing a Monolithic Ideological System, the wpk Guidelines – in particular, the political guidelines of the wpK Secretariat`s organization and advisory department, the WPK Charter and national civil laws, and finally the North Korean Constitution. While the WPK has maintained the dominant political role within the North Korean party-state, it has served as the leader in primacy over all other political entities. As in other communist political systems, the state and society serve the Party, and civil laws do not bind the Party. [9] North Korea is a country with strange laws.

Remember how people were sentenced to death for watching Squid Game? Or how listening to KPop made Kim Jong-un`s spine shudder? Now, after these bizarre laws, North Korea got another one. Now, the citizens of North Korea can`t laugh (go ahead, laugh a little about it first). Under a new law, North Korean citizens were banned from laughing for 11 days. The law was introduced on the 10th anniversary of the death of its former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-IL. He ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011, the year of his death. Not only do citizens laugh, but they also cannot shop and drink during the 11-day mourning period. The country is considered the most closed country, which is not surprising given the number of terrible laws. The state deprives its citizens of their fundamental rights and imposes strange totalitarian rules on them. Earlier, we told you the story of the strict rules that Kim Jong Un`s wife has to follow, and this time we brought some of the weird laws to North Korea that you had no idea about: Well, this isn`t the first time North Korea has made us laugh a little too much at their (weird) laws.

The North Korean government has also passed many such laws in the past. Every country in the world expects people to abide by certain laws and regulations, but North Korea is different. Natives should not only follow the expected rules, but also some really weird laws. North Korea has a codified civil law system inherited from colonial Japan and similar to the South Korean system. As of December 2015, there were 236 laws and regulations, about half of which relate to economic governance. Foreign investment laws are well developed and up-to-date, and there is a highly developed arbitration system. [1] [2] North Koreans face power outages every night due to the country`s energy crisis, and to use electricity they need a permit and owning a microwave is illegal. In 2008, citizens were asked to drop off their stool to help with agriculture when South Korea stopped providing fertilizer. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un only wants the most prosperous, wealthy and influential people to live in North Korean Pyongyang. People must have explicit permission to live in the capital.

North Korea offers only three TV channels for people to choose from, and all of them are controlled by the government. Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness. Wait, huh? You can`t choose your haircut yourself. Kim Jong-un published a list of haircuts for men and women in 2013. According to the list, women can choose one of the 18 haircuts from the list. On the other hand, men only have 10 options to choose from. No iPhones or laptops in North Korea | Photo: Unsplash It is estimated that about 200,000 North Koreans live in the camps.

They were arrested for alleged political crimes. When a person commits a political crime, his entire family is interned. If a prisoner manages to escape, his entire family is killed. 40% of the prisoners interned in these concentration camps die of malnutrition. Many of them are sentenced to hard labour on seemingly reasonable terms, but most of the time they work to death. The law of North Korea (officially called the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea) is a codified civil law system inherited from the Japanese and influenced by the Soviet Union. It is governed by the socialist constitution and operates within North Korea`s political system. The purpose of this publication is to learn from our history and culture in order to understand the dynamics of politics and improve the current state of the movements for feminism, racism and LGBTQ the government of North Korea has changed basketball games.

For example, a slam dunk is worth 3 points, not 2, 2-point shots in the last three minutes of the game are worth 8 points. If you miss 3 shots, a point will be deducted. Strict rules for tourists to North Korea | Photo: AFP It spends 20% of its GDP on the army while the population is desperately looking for food. North Korea has its own basketball rules | Photo: AP Military service is | in North Korea Photo required: AFP In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have further restricted the rights to free movement and expression. A significant part of the population suffered from food shortages and inadequate health care. The government continued to deny entry to the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, despite numerous reports of arbitrary detentions and gender-based violence. Neglecting the rights of LGBT youth in South Korean schools In North Korea, the Bible is considered a symbol of Western culture and is therefore banned because it can change people. A Christian woman who was distributing the Bible was arrested and executed.

In 2014, Jeffrey Fowle, an American citizen on tour in North Korea, was arrested and detained for five months for forgetting the Bible in the bathroom of a Chongjin Sailor`s Club restaurant. Military service is compulsory for men (10 years) and women (seven years). It is believed that director Shin Sang-ok and his actress Choi Eun-hee were kidnapped in 1978 for spurring creativity in North Korean films. Later in 1986, the couple gradually gained the trust of the dictator and escaped on a trip to Austria to promote North Korean films. On July 8, when North Korean President Kim Il-sung died in 1994, smiling was strictly forbidden. Talking loudly, dancing or drinking alcohol that day is limited. Failure to comply with the rules can lead to people being sent to labor camps or killed. Kim Il-sung`s body is kept in a glass tomb and tourists must bow to his feet. Trigenerational punishment in North Korea| Photo: Unsplash/Representational image North Korean lawyers must join the Choson Bar Association. The Central Committee of the Association determines the professional standards as well as the qualification or recusal of lawyers. Lawyers are not hired by individuals or organizations, but the committee collects requests for legal representation, then assigns cases and pays compensation to the transferee. However, lawyers do not have a monopoly on the provision of legal services, as anyone could be represented in civil or criminal proceedings.

Kim Il Sung University Law School is the only university-level institution that offers legal education. [7] For 12 years, Michael Hay was the only foreign lawyer working in North Korea. He indicated that he had won or partially won 70 per cent of the business when he represented foreign companies. [8] Every child dreams of their future. Adults also change jobs from time to time, depending on comfort. The world of North Korea is completely opposite. The government will decide on the profession according to the needs of the country. Every tourist who enters the country is closely monitored by the North Korean government throughout the journey. Each tourist is assigned a guide who accompanies him throughout the trip. If someone leaves their group or tries to talk to a local, they will be arrested. In addition, tourists are only taken to certain places and along certain routes.

Which one do you find the most ridiculous? Let us know. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Kim Jong-un ordered citizens to abandon their pet dogs. According to the North Korean leader, domestic dogs represent Western decadence. However, some reports have mentioned that this law was passed to combat food shortages during the pandemic. Passionate about history, blogger and designer for personal growth. For inquiries: info@youdecode.com The government chooses where people can live, based on their relationship with the state. Life in the capital Pyongyang requires permission from the government. The closure of borders has significantly reduced food imports, leading to an increase in food prices on the grey market. This represented another challenge for a poverty-stricken population that depended on these markets for much of its food supply.

Heavy rains and typhoons in August and September caused damage to infrastructure and farmland, including where food production was concentrated, increasing the risk of food shortages. Marijuana use is accepted and, unlike most parts of the world, the trade and use of the drug is not punishable by law.

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